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Sterling Highway MP 4560 Project

Welcome to the website for the Sterling Highway Milepost (MP) 45–60 Project. This project will upgrade the highway between the Sunrise Inn and the eastern entrance to Skilak Lake Road near Cooper Landing.

Phase 3 Blasting Operations

June 12, 2023–October 31, 2023
10:00 AM to 8:00 PM*
Location: On the east side of the corridor, as noted by the star on the graphic.
*Blasting signals may be heard intermittently during this time.

Blast Zone Map

Download the flyer for more details!

Current Work: Design and Construction

Public comments have been collected and integrated, and the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (DOT&PF) is now designing and building the Juneau Creek Alternative. Construction began in 2020, and the new highway is anticipated to be open to traffic by the end of 2028.

The project is being designed and constructed in phased segments as described below and depicted in the following figure.

Project Schedule Phases 1 - Phase 6. Phase 1A Design 2019–2020, Construction 2021–2023, Phase 1B
Design 2019–2022, Construction 2024–2026, Phase 2 Design 2023–2023, Construction 2023–2026, Pioneer Roads Design 2021 – 2022, Construction 2022, Phases 3–4 Design 2021 – 2022, Construction 2022–2024, Phase 5 Design 2022–2024, Construction 2025–2026, and Phase 6, Design 2022–2025, Construction 2026–2027.

Phase 1A 
(Design 2019–2020, Construction 2021–2023)

Phase 1A
(Design 2019–2020, Construction 2021–2023):

Phase 1A is on the west end of the project (MP 56–58). This phase includes significant soil stabilization to prevent slopes from entering designated wilderness on the north side of the corridor. Other improvements include retaining walls, drainage, wildlife undercrossings, erosion protection, guardrail, pavement, and signage and striping.

Designer: HDR               
Contractor: Scarsella Bros                      
Award Amount: $21,130,000

Phase 1B (Design 2019–2022, Construction 2024–2026)

Phase 1B
(Design 2019–2022, Construction 2025–2027):

Phase 1B is on the east end of the project, at approximately MP 45–46.5, and includes the Quartz Creek intersection as well as the intersection of the existing and proposed Sterling Highway (approximately MP 47). Phase 1B consists of a pedestrian undercrossing (Coyote Notch), retaining walls, drainage, guardrail, pavement, and signage and striping.
Designer: R&M               
Contractor: QAP-Traylor Joint Venture            
Award Amount: TBD

Phase 2 (Design 2020–2023, Construction 2023–2026)

Phase 2
(Design 2020–2023, Construction 2024–2027):

DOT&PF is designing the Juneau Creek Bridge in-house as a steel girder bridge in close collaboration with the new Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC). Design of the bridge was completed in summer 2023. Construction of the bridge abutments is anticipated to begin in 2024, with construction of the bridge continuing through 2027. Currently, as designed, the Juneau Creek Bridge will be the:

  • highest crossing in the state at 285 feet (Hurricane Gulch is approximately 250 feet)
  • longest single-span bridge in the state since 1982
  • longest erected and launched bridge in the state

Designer: DOT&PF      
Contractor: QAP-Traylor Joint Venture            
Award Amount: TBD

Pioneer Roads (Design 2021 – 2022, Construction 2022)

Pioneer Roads
(Design 2021–2022, Construction 2022):

This project consisted of upgrading two existing roads on either side of Juneau Creek Canyon: West Juneau Road on the west and Slaughter Ridge Road on the east. These roads will provide valuable access to Phases 2–6 throughout the duration of the project. This project also establishes a project office/staging area (Tract C) along the existing Sterling Highway near the Quartz Creek Road intersection.
Designer: DOWL           
Contractor: QAP-Traylor Joint Venture                   
Award Amount: $4,500,000

Phases 3–4 (Design 2021 – 2022, Construction 2022–2024)

Phases 3–4
(Design 2021–2022, Construction 2022–2024):

Phases 3 and 4 consist of the middle section (off the existing alignment) of the project. These phases will establish staging and disposal sites, roadway embankment, and drainage; and will construct wildlife undercrossings.
Designer: DOWL           
Contractor: QAP-Traylor Joint Venture                      
Award Amount: $105,000,000

Phase 5 (Design 2022–2024, Construction 2025–2026)
Phase 5
(Design 2022–2024, Construction 2026–2027):

Phase 5 includes the western intersection of the new Sterling Highway and the existing Sterling Highway (MP 55–56). This was previously part of Phase 4. DOT&PF selected a tight diamond interchange configuration for the design of the western intersection north of the existing highway. It will have on- and off-ramps to allow travelers to access the existing highway near Sportsman's Landing. In spring 2023, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service traded designated wilderness with Cook Inlet Region, Inc., and then sold the necessary right-of-way for the Juneau Creek Alternative to DOT&PF. Now that the land purchase is complete, cultural resources survey, clearing, and geotechnical exploration will begin. Construction of Phase 5 is anticipated to begin in 2026 and end in 2027.
Designer: DOWL        
Contractor: QAP-Traylor Joint Venture               
Award Amount: TBD

Phase 6 (Design 2022–2025, Construction 2026–2027)
Phase 6
(Design 2022–2025, Construction 2027–2028):

Phase 6, the final project phase, includes construction of all paving, signage, striping, guardrail, rumble strips, and trailheads; revegetation; and landscaping. The new highway is currently anticipated to be open to traffic by the end of 2028.
Designer: DOWL        
Contractor: QAP-Traylor JV               
Award Amount: TBD